After too many years to count of showing in the disciplines of Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Dressage & Carriage Driving (with Morgan horses primarily), we ended up riding gaited (Tennessee Walking, Missouri Foxtrotting) horses for pleasure and trail riding while out camping in some absolutely gorgeous places here in the good old USA! Throughout the transition process from showing (ring riding/driving & "groomed" cross country course settings) to going trail riding while camping (with various differing places, terrains, trail types and footings), it was pointed out rather dramatically that there are some types of equipment better suited to meet trail riding enthusiasts needs. In addition, true trail riders know that there are some very different learning and training curves for both rider and horse partner before venturing out on your own on the trails! Some of the basics include riding etiquette for a variety of situations/settings one finds themselves in, safety practices and/or basic first aid, different riding equipment for use out on the trail (tying up during a  break, bags to carry needed equipment etc.), horse fitness & development for differing terrain types, and finally, rider skills and mental development to meet all of the different potential challenges found out on the trail.

This website store has been developed to bring together all of the best of knowledge, products, ideas and discussions of tips & tricks that are tried and true for the best outcomes for the trail riding enthusiast. Many riders come from other disciplines with already established basic riding equipment & preferences and do not need additional new or expensive saddles etc.. You will not find those items here. Products are chosen for the quality, serviceability, dependability and popularity among trail riders. The goal, to be a one-stop site for all of your trail needs instead of having to visit multiple tack sites or shops and searching through everything from show attire to soup to nuts! We are also still re-inventing ourselves based on product quality and popularity among trail riders, new and improved equipment choices, and better safety or more protective products for horse or rider. Products are chosen to enhance your riding experience, in all ways possible. We welcome product reviews, knowledge and information sharing for the rider and horse including camping places and excursions within our blog site "Along the Trails" @ www.hitthetrailsstoreblog.com.